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Thank you for visiting hasty heat, this is How to measure your fireplace to determine the best fit for your new grate heater: You need to know:
depth at top?
depth at bottom?
width in back?
width of the opening?
height of the opening?

which accessories you might want added? (ash tray, variable speed fan, automatic thermostat, spark screen, etc....


With any of our products we offer the following options: please review the full catalogue of hastyheat and add all needed items or accessories to your cart prior to checkout:

Make cleaning up a snap - Order the removable ash tray.

Concerned about noise, then order the Variable speed fan control; this allows you to adjust the heat output and ambient noise level for the perfect ambiance.

Please review our items and their Q&A for answers the most typical questions.

To select the best size you need to to know:
depth at top?
depth at bottom?
width in back?
width of the opening?
height of the opening?

This fireplace grate works in masonry and zero-clearance fireplaces, as well as with gas logs or gas starters, fire logs, wood, pellet bricks, etc.

Hasty Heat's High Quality Fireplace Grate Heat Exchangers are built to last using clean fully welded strong structural grade steel.

Fireplace Insert, Fireback, Fireplace Grate Heater, Fireplace Furnace, Heat Exchanger, Heatilator, Cord, Wood, Firewood Rack, Wood Pellet, Ash Tray, Hearth, Stove, Blower,

Turn your fireplace into a furnace, the ultimate blend of eye pleasing form with function.

Hasty Heat exchangers are designed with the greatest surface area possible to capture and move into your home the highest percentage of the BTU heat generated by your fire.

Our volume of sales and positive feedback speaks for itself!!!

What we do offer is the most elegant, well crafted, sturdy, durable, effective, customizable, and functional heat exchangers both large and small --- available on the market!

Our shops are powered by 100% renewable electricity, to produce your product. We are a clean energy company who cares enough to do what we can to ensure we leave the planet in good condition for subsequent generations.

Even our shop truck recharges off the power of the sun, we have decided it is time to go petrol free to do our part to deEscilate and solve world issues.

After all "where the dollar goes is where the economy flows", it is your most important vote and you cast it daily.

All our products are made with fully welded un-coated, un-leaded, un-aluminized, non-galvanized, bare structural grade strong industrial carbon steel, and UL certified electrical components.

When you use a hastyheat Grate Heat Exchanger in your fireplace, you will realize a significant saving on your heating costs. Our average customer reports about 50% less wood consumption to maintain their homes comfort level.

That is a reduction of 1/2 of their wood heating bill. With such a magnitude improvement in heating efficiency our products save you enough $ to pay for themselves in the first year, and will continue to save you $ for the decade(s) to come!

After the first year it is like you getting paid to have a more comfortable home!

With one of these heat exchangers you can extract a larger percentage of the heat produced by your fuel, that is normally wasted and going up your chimney.

Our all steel design uses several perfectly sized heavy duty thick wall tubes for maximum heat exchanger surface area, superior airflow volume, minimum burn through, high thermal transfer, and maximum combustion area volume. These tubes are welded together forming a channel that is filled with cool home air. The tubes then heat the air as it passes through them. Hot air is then blown back into the your home with velocity.

These add conduction from the hot coal coals and convection from the flame, to the radiant heat of your fireplace. Recovering otherwise lost heat energy or BTU from the embers and flame of your fire. The standard blowers we use plug into a Common 110 VAC wall outlet and draw just 30 watts the power, equivalent of a couple compact florescent lightbulbs.

Our fans are quiet running at a measured 45 db or less decibels, and are rated at 100 CFM each. By adding the option of a variable speed fan control, when mood is more important than heat output you can reduce the airflow for the perfect ambiance. Customers have commented how well the warmth generated by these heat exchangers circulates to the adjoining rooms in their homes.

A customer sent us many thanks when our grate prevented the freezing of his homes pipes in -20 weather when his natural gas furnace broke and the part was a week away.

These heat exchangers serve to increase the comfort of your entire home, and conserve the amount of wood you have to purchase and burn, while nearly eliminating the need for other expensive methods of climate control such as Electric heaters, heat pumps, corn or pellet stoves, and or central air oil or gas furnaces.

We stock 4 sizes of components that can be mixed and matched to design a fit completely within their rectangular measurements in ratios of: 14”, 16”, 20”, or 24”; whichever is most suitable to maximize their fitments into your fireplace. Custom units can be readily assembled from our stock of 14", 16”, 20", or 24" components; to your specific needs.

If you would like your grate built to a size that does not fit within the dimensions of our stock components, we can build to suit custom components.

Our double row fireplace grate heat exchangers have staggered and spaced tubes to provide a full fire-back, with maximum heat exchanger surface area without obstructing the escape of the rising smoke.

We can build arched and custom sized components, these built "to your specifications" heat exchangers can be assembled to fit within very close tolerances of your fireplace and complement its hearth and façade. If needed please contact us with pictures and thorough measurements.

The best method of determining which size of grate heat exchanger to select is the cardboard box trick:

Stuff a cardboard box into your fireplace that fits it capaciously, then select or specify a grate that will fit within the dimensions of that cardboard box.

First in line is first in time, the sooner you order your grate heater, wood stove, or fireplace insert, the sooner we can help you start saving on your heating bills.

Upon paying for your order we assemble to dimension from our stock components and it is shipped within 5 days (3 days typical) with care and love...<!--STARTFROOGALLERY-->
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