Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Introducing the "Rib Cage" for your double sided fireplace delight!

Introducing the "Rib Cage" for your double sided fireplace delight!

This particular Rib Cage is our 26rc16td Fireplace Furnace Grate Heater Blower for double sided fireplaces and hearths. It measures 26 wide 16 deep 16 tall and uses a ducted fan to force air through the heat exchanger drawn in from one side of your fireplace, the hot air is then blown out into the adjacent room on the other side of your fireplace.

This creates a convection current circulating the air in your home. Your primary loung space can have the heat directed into it, while the secondary space has the fan drawing in your homes air to be forced through the heat exchanger. This also keepy your primary lounge space as silent as possiable by moving our quiet fan to the other side of your fireplace.

The fan is attached with flexiable expandable tubing for the most convienient placement. The fan can be safely detached at any time during the burn of the fire, and doors shut if needed, this grate heater will work in a power outtage with a small inverter and battery to power the fan, or without the fan using natural convection.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Custom fireplace furnace the 36TGR20TD+A

Our latest build a 36" wide front 24" wide rear 20" tall 20" deep tapered custom fireplace grate heater furnace blower, with easy clean liftoff ash tray and dual variable speed fans...