Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to get over 100 mpg out of a crew cab one tone truck. Power it with sunshine!

Our Nissan Leaf makes the ultimate solar powered horse ranch one tone crew cab truck, we all fit in it comfortably, it yoinks the 1 tone hay trailer right up the mountain at altitude as easy as it drives on the surface of the moon!

Honestly it has the most giddi up torque  of any of the mid size trucks we have owned.

We pulled several 6000# loads of sand 20 miles up to our ranch when building the horse round pen; still averaged well over 100mpg something our maintenance hazard of a Ford truck could never even get 1\10 of! 

But what I like most about our Nissan leaf, as a retired airplane mechanic, I never have to take a wrench to it... Talk about uptime, I love just using this crew cab one tone truck, in 100,000 miles since 2012 all I have had to do to keep the leaf running is put on 2 sets of tires and top up the bug juice. Absolutely the most efficient reliable truck I have ever owned...

Simply plug it in to the sun when you're done, and it's always ready to run.

No problem making a 600 mile round trip to get horse meds either, the leaf has more highway endurance then my backbone or bladder, a couple  30 min quick charges on a trip are looked forward to walk about, stretch, and or eat moments (good at reducing chances of heart attack from sitting hours on end!).

And with the help of Darian from we got this electronic black box that Jack's into the chademo DC port on our leaf so we can tie into it's 24 kwh battery.

I tested it could power our ranch, water well and all for nearly a week in a shtf scenario... This has come in handy for several winter ice storm outtages up here in the northwest.

If you have not dumped the maintenance prone flaling piston engine yet for the most reliable prime mover in the world "a motor" you are a fool with your wallet. If you have to have an engine at least go with the smart choice, a brayton cycle turbine engine!

A first generation used Nissan leaf is now so cheap to buy it's ROI with reduced fuel costs and maintenance will pay for itself in a little over 1 year.

Yea for the educated, the Nissan Leaf or any EV is the smartest choice in personal transportation!

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