Friday, July 24, 2015

Efficient conversion of biomass to electricity!

#Word what the world needs is a simple basic efficient lightweight engine for the conversion of biomass into electricity!

The key; Brayton cycle, stacked with steam Raiken cycle, stacked with Organic Raiken cycle, stacked with Sterling cycle, topped with cooking, water heating, home heating.
To achieve a near 96% overall system efficiency

Or something like that!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The ultimate wood pellet stove

Starting  this winter heating season we will be bringing to market our rendition of a wood pellet stove; we are taking a fresh modular approach that will toast your toes and illuminate your life. ...

Starting with a 12 vdc hig temperature  ceramic wood pellet fuled combustor that fits in a priority mail flat rate box and can ship globally.

This combustor will be able to efficiently burn wood, biomass, algae; pellets to generate high grade heat for: space heating, cooking, water heating, and even electricity generation!

Now how to make a car eat biomass directly? Without crazy processing to convert lignin into alcohol or some other energy intensive Rube Goldberg process!

Wood pellets should do just fine when combined with a fuel agnostic Brayton cycle turbine jet engine....

One moving part and no reciprocating motion!

Watch for it

Coming soon!

The ant and the grasshopper sale

Now through September first we are running our ant and the grasshopper sale, get your heat while it is hot. Free variable speed fan controller upgrades to all orders placed before Sept 1st.

Because as they say on game of thrones; winter is coming!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Testimonials and reviews

Dear mr.hasty,

Just to let you know your heat exchanger grate is fantastic and works like a dream. Believe it or not it is fairly chilly here on the coast. 56 degrees, foggy with mixed rain. We have been heating our entire 750 sq. ft. house today and tonight only with the fireplace and your grate to a toasty 78 degrees with so much less wood then we used in the past. Thanks for a superior quality built product.
Sandy and Mary Ann Schindler