Friday, October 20, 2017

CHP-C gravity feed wood pellet cook barell stove, uses no electricity.

We are currently keeping warm with this barell cook stove I built with a CHP-C wood pellet burner I got from Hasty Heat.
Keeping our home at 20c we are burning 20 kilo of compressed biomass every 3 days.
It has an always hot cook top and oven my wife  enjoys using. She should add a translation of this post in suomi with her comments added... Hint..
This little biomass burner from weighs just 5 kilo but produces 6kw of heat continuously. With clean smoke free 1300c combustion temps. It surprisingly only weighs 5 kilo and measures just 7.5x7.5 cm 60 cm tall. Making it very easy to use the CHP-C for building this project.
It is the square vertical tube you see going into the left corner of the oven.
The barell stove I built for it exhausts from the bottom with just 50c exhaust temps since the hot gasses tend to stay in the top untill they cool and drop. The rest of the heat is raidiating through the thin barell metal by infrared out and into our home.
I could not be more pleased with how my project turned out ;-)
Next I want to put one in our sauna!

Friday, March 10, 2017

CHP-C "chip" Wood Pellet Combustor Rocket Stove, for RV, boat, yurt, tent, cabin, tiny house, etc...

CHP-C Wood Pellet Combustor Rocket Stove, for RV, boat, yurt, tent, cabin, tiny house, etc...

An all stainless model is available for use in salt water or other caustic environments

The CHP-C is ideal where space and weight are a concern.

It measures just 3x3x24" tall and weighs just 10#! It can be wall or pedestal or custom mounted with its 6 generic 1\4" threaded mount holes.
It has a 3" ID chimney outlet, and should be installed with at least 6' of vertical chimney pipe to vent it outside

It requires no electricity to operate.

It stainless core burns efficient and clean at over 2000 F, and the CHP-C can produce from a mere 3000 to as much as 20,000 BTU per hour. Allowing one 40# bag to burn from 1 to 6 days!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Viking dragonfly airframe kit plane 2 seat airplane canard

Viking dragonfly airframe kit plane 2 seat airplane canard.

With the dawn of electric aviation well risen and electric car parts now abundant I. The auto recycling yards, for a summer project we picked up this dragonfly airframe kit, one of the most efficient airplanesin the sky, to cover I. Solar cells and power with a recycled Nissan leaf Power train. 

This will be a fun off season summer project for the crew to knock out..

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Aeromodding a Nissan Leaf Increased Range

How to inexpensively increase the range of a nissan leaf by 54%

The aeromodding of our nissan leaf for aerodynamic improvement has begun. The modifications include a 75% grille block, reversed mud flaps, a 12 volt 400 watt solar roof to alliveate the dc/dc converter load on the main high voltage battery, a ecomodder 3 piece translucent polycarbonate  Kamm back that still allows rear view and normal hatch operation while reducing aerodynamic drag which increases MPGE and range.

Soon it will have a complete hitch trunk tail cone, wheel spats, moon disc solid wheel hubcaps, etc...

We are currently building a custom hitch rack that is a wedge shaped box with licence plate and tail lights that follows and tapers the back end of the nissan leaf to a nice aerodynamic raindrop shape; since 70% of aerodynamics is aft body!

The aeromodding of a 150 mpg family sedan nissan Leaf efficiency mileage blog can be reviewed here: