Saturday, March 12, 2016

Aeromodding a Nissan Leaf Increased Range

How to inexpensively increase the range of a nissan leaf by 54%

The aeromodding of our nissan leaf for aerodynamic improvement has begun. The modifications include a 75% grille block, reversed mud flaps, a 12 volt 400 watt solar roof to alliveate the dc/dc converter load on the main high voltage battery, a ecomodder 3 piece translucent polycarbonate  Kamm back that still allows rear view and normal hatch operation while reducing aerodynamic drag which increases MPGE and range.

Soon it will have a complete hitch trunk tail cone, wheel spats, moon disc solid wheel hubcaps, etc...

We are currently building a custom hitch rack that is a wedge shaped box with licence plate and tail lights that follows and tapers the back end of the nissan leaf to a nice aerodynamic raindrop shape; since 70% of aerodynamics is aft body!

The aeromodding of a 150 mpg family sedan nissan Leaf efficiency mileage blog can be reviewed here: