Sunday, July 19, 2015

The ultimate wood pellet stove

Starting  this winter heating season we will be bringing to market our rendition of a wood pellet stove; we are taking a fresh modular approach that will toast your toes and illuminate your life. ...

Starting with a 12 vdc hig temperature  ceramic wood pellet fuled combustor that fits in a priority mail flat rate box and can ship globally.

This combustor will be able to efficiently burn wood, biomass, algae; pellets to generate high grade heat for: space heating, cooking, water heating, and even electricity generation!

Now how to make a car eat biomass directly? Without crazy processing to convert lignin into alcohol or some other energy intensive Rube Goldberg process!

Wood pellets should do just fine when combined with a fuel agnostic Brayton cycle turbine jet engine....

One moving part and no reciprocating motion!

Watch for it

Coming soon!

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